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Thursday, July 10, 2008


After 170,333 miles (140,000 being driven by me), and ten years of service, our Plymouth Acclaim kinda sorta gave up the ghost. We drove it around Phoenix, the engine was staying hot, and when it started to get really hot we took it to a mechanic to get the diagnosis. It was a blown head gasket, which means water is in the engine and in the oil. The mechanic said it would take more money to fix than to replace. BAD NEWS!

Last year we had it repainted, we put in a stereo, Sirius radio, 80,000 mile Michelin tires, last month a brand new battery, yesterday we had a $40.00 service job at the Wal-Mart, filled it with $49.73 worth of gas. I'm feeling better that I delayed that $7.00 deluxe typhoon wash at the Chevron (hey look for that "silver lining"). At least it got a last meal...

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Parrothead said...

Filling it with gas?


Service job at the Wal-Mart?


New paint job at Earl Shieb?


Having someone take you home from Phoenix when it all goes to hell?