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Saturday, August 16, 2008

What Was I Thinking?

This evening Patti and I went out to dinner at the Flying J truck stop/restaurant, had dinner and were going to leave when we saw this dog. He was running around the parking lot dodging cars and trucks. Patti went in to have the clerk announce over the loudspeaker that a dog had gotten out of a car or truck and was in danger of getting hit. The clerk told Patti that the dog has been roaming the parking lot for the past 6 hours.

I was watching the dog and decided I couldn't leave him here to get killed, thinking about how I would feel if I had accidentally lost Ari or Red. The dog was frantically looking for something, I assumed it was food and tried to give him a piece of fish from my "doggy bag" (box). He sniffed it but turned his nose up at it. I figured he wanted water. I got a spare network cable out of the trunk and made a makeshift leash and walked him back to the car, and took him home. I set up a shelter for him in the back and Patti brought out some food and water. He attacked the water gulping it down. I took a couple of pictures and then made a "Found Dog" poster and took it out to the Flying J. I am praying that the owner will call the Flying J and there can be some sort of reunion, otherwise I don't know what I am going to do. For now the dog is safe and has shelter food and water. I guess for now that will do.


Danneel said...

Him's is so cute - and Treb you have the heart a size of lion. Good luck with finding the owner. At least you can train him to be an outside dog. Pretty soon we will have more dogs then people in this family!

Parrothead said...

Yeah maybe I sould let Timilie have a looksee... She needs a dog to give all that love to.