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Friday, October 10, 2008

FaMiLy FeUd ~or~ Eat at Joe's (and take me)

Over the last few years since we have discovered Joe's Crab Shack, My brother Steve and I have been awful to each other... mainly for the fun of it. Snow crab legs are about my favorite food in the whole world, and Steve has the same feelings over crab, Danneel and Linzy too. Well whenever one of us is having crab for dinner we send each other a picture text of where we are and what we are eating. We are bad to each other that way, but like I said it's fun. Usually there is a comment or picture sent back in reply. Our code word for Joe's is St. Joseph's Temple of the Immaculate Crustacean, and yes... we worship there in a gastronomical theocratical sort of way.... so to speak. Anyway, we rub it in. Steve is of Old Bay seasoning philosophy, where I am of the barbecued snow crab. Every now and then even good ol' steamed is good with a bowl of melted butter. Nothing is better!

10-10-08 From Treb

09-19-08 From Steve

08-08-08 From Steve

06-06-08 From Steve

05-03-08 From Steve

03-01-08 From Treb

02-15-08 From Treb

10-25-07 From Steve

10-05-07 From Treb


Danneel said...

How DARE you eat there today with out me!

Parrothead said...

Sorry Danneel, it couldn't be helped. We hadta get it done when the gettin' was good. And OMGoodness was it ever good. On the bright side, Patti is now making your Chili Rellenos. :)

Anonymous said...

I sure could use some CRAB 'bout now.