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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

When Patti and I got married, for our first Christmas we started a tradition of collecting a new dated ornaments. I admit at first it seemed insignificant when we would look at our first couple of ornaments, but now we have 11, and they take up a good part of the prelit tree we bought five years ago. I can look at each one and remember each Christmas, and the warm memories of that Christmas. Every year we put the new dated ornament on together.

1997 Our First Ornament

You had to know that at least one of them would be from you know where.

Our 1993 fiber-optic prelit tree.

We have an aluminum tree with a changing spotlight in our bedroom.

This year, Patti and I gave each other Disneyland annual passes. Dad gave us a nice card with some of the green stuff. Mom and Corky gave us a grandfather clock. Randy and Steve also got the same things. I am delighted with all of them. The best thing, I think, that we received for a gift was the ability to have family with us. Some of the fondest memories I can remember, and the most vivid ones I have are of Christmases past. Family is what is important, and having them around me is what I really want for Christmas. Making memories with the ones I love

Randy was asking about the taking of pictures on Christmas eve while we unwrap gifts, and how we never print or look at them. So why do we take them? Why would we want to? Right now... Maybe he is right, but in the event of the eventual empty chair at the dinner table, one day the pictures will be priceless. We will treasure each and every one, and be searching for more no matter how insignificant. Recently my aunt was doing that after the passing of my uncle. She was looking desperately for more memories to hold on to. . Inevitably... eventually that is what we will have for a time, memories. For now... I am going to make as many as I can.

Our new grandfather clock
Love you all!
Merry Christmas


kmcaldwell said...

Its beautiful,,, your tradition and the new clock merry christmas

PBJ said...

The clock is wonderful but like Treb said family is the best gift ever.