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Saturday, March 21, 2009

First Day of Spring Break

Spring Break offically began today!

This afternoon we arrived in Anaheim California. We are going to renew our annual passes, but today is a blockout date, so we couldn't go into Disneyland tonight. Instead we went into Downtown Disney. First we decided to ride the tram to the parking lot. We rode it there and then back to Downtown Disney, and then we went window shopping for awhile. At least we can say we got to go on a ride, and these were for free! We walked down to the Disneyland Hotel... It is cool! I never knew it was so big, and had so many things to see. Very beautiful, especially the garden. We then slowly worked our way back to the entrance to the LaBrea Bakery, and had soup and sandwiches. I just came in from our motel balcony at the Anaheim Plaza, where I watched the 9:00 fireworks show from Disneyland.

The side of the Hollywood Towers Hotel ~or~ The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

The Disneyland ticket offices didn't get our money tonight. Maybe tomorrow...

Taking a free ride on the parking lot tram... Hey it's free!!!

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Dayna said...

Have a great time at Disney!!!!