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Friday, May 8, 2009


What a week...

We started this week with a closed school, so Patti and I went to Central on Sunday evening and called every one of the students from Central. We had one confirmed case of the "swine flu" in the district, so the state department of education made out whole district shut down. Holy cow what a mess! We did have Monday - Wednesday off. I used the time to finish writing my final paper in my counseling class, and study for my final exam in my reading class. I turned in my paper Tuesday night, and when I went to take my online exam, I saw that I had misread the deadline. The testing window had closed. IN A PANIC, I called Dr. Harvey and she happily reset the test window. Thanks Dr. Harvey!
On Wednesday the State DOE determined that they had prematurely shut us down, and so Patti and I called all of the students again. Thursday I spent the entire afternoon doing addendum meetings to transition all of my 6th graders to 7th grade. I took my final Thursday afternoon. Today I went to Tombstone, Arizona with the 5th grade, we had a great time.

In the morning... I am going to sleep in!

Here is a link to the school blog about our Tombstone trip.

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