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Thursday, June 18, 2009

What Can Brown Do TO You ~or~ UPS SUCKS!

Last week I sent a package to myself. Since Patti and I were going to Florida, I decided to send a few articles of clothing ahead using UPS so that I could avoid extra baggage charges with the airline. Major mistake!
I spent $8 on the box and $38 on the shipping, and the airline would have charged me $30 for the extra bag.
When I got to Florida I got a look at the new box I bought at the UPS Store in Silver City. HOLY COW!!! It looked as if they ran over the box a few times with their big brown truck. Honestly, I think it would take running it over with a truck to do as much damage to the box as was done. It was re taped by someone, but not sealed. The end was open, so that I could look into the box and pull things out.
When I opened the box most of it was there, but there were things missing. A pair of crocs and a part of a costume that I was going to wear to a party on the ship.

I think I will use the airline to send it all home, because UPS sucks!

Transferring packages

I've learned my lesson... Maybe you can benefit from my mistake.


Danneel said...

I am really sorry about the package - but more importantly what is the cake in the bunt pan behind the box? I can not wait to bake with Aunt Audrey!

Parrothead said...

It is a orange slice cake kinda like the one you want to do. Kinda

Dayna said...

That's awful that they stole your stuff!!! I can't believe that.