Si Hoc Legere Scis Nimium Eruditionis Habes

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


On March 10, 1977 , Roman Polanski, then aged 44, raped 13-year-old Samantha Gailey. When it looked like he might actually have to do time in prison for raping a child, Polanski fled to London on February 1, 1978.

On September 26, 2009, Polanski was arrested by Swiss police at Z├╝rich Airport while trying to enter Switzerland, in relation to his outstanding 1978 U.S. arrest warrant. He is trying to get released so that he won't have to return to the United States to face prosecution for his crime.

A number of celebrities, by means of a public manifesto, whose concluding statements were "Roman Polanski is a French citizen, an artist of international reputation, now threatened to be extradited. This extradition, if brought into effect, would carry a heavy load of consequences as well as deprive the film-maker of his freedom". The signatories concluded: "we demand the immediate release of Roman Polanski."

Roman Polanski is a child molester and justice is about to come down on him. He has made a pretty good life for himself, but hopefully that is about change. Some of Hollywood is backing this dirtbag, and maybe we should redefine why they are celebrities. It is time for decent people to stand up to the slime that permeates society, and hides from prosecution because they are rich or have a name. I am reminded of a tune that was popular a couple of years ago.

"Grandpappy told my pappy, back in my day, son
A man had to answer for the wicked that he done
Take all the rope in Texas
Find a tall oak tree, round up all of them bad boys
Hang them high in the street for all the people to see...

...We got too many gangsters doing dirty deeds
We've got too much corruption, too much crime in the streets
Its time the long arm of the law put a few more in the ground
Send em all to their maker and he'll settle em down
You can bet he'll set em down."
Beer for my Horses, Toby Keith, 2003

In my humble opinion this is the type of justice we need to give out to such scum. A tall tree and a short drop at the end of a rope. If the judge releases him on bail, I will consider him a accessory to the crime after the fact. Hollywood... GO TO HELL! Your big name means nothing to me. You are sewer rats that got lucky, and if I had my way you would be back in that sewer that you came from. I don't care what a few actors feel about one of their own. He needs to pay for his crime, and if they are so soft on child molestation maybe they need to be taken down a notch or two themselves. I'm not talking about violence, but they should be outcasts, and their name should be connected with their views on sex with children. Jane Fonda knows that kind of pain from her stupidity, and although she has done well for herself, she knows she screwed up.

It's time we as a people stood up for decency, and quit turning a blind eye. WE NEED TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN! We need to put these people away, and make an example out of each and every one of them. We need to make their pain so bad, that sex with a child will turn their stomach (as it should). If we turn a blind eye, then we are just as bad as he is. We as a society need to grow a spine, and stop this from happening everywhere, to any child. If we don't, then we should fall like dry leaves.