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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm Baaaaack

It has been awhile since I posted something on my blog, and I thought I would get back in the practice. Facebook and its immediate constant updates took the place of blogs for a time. Patti and I are now, or at least in 6 hours will be on summer break. It has been a good school year, and we have been blessed.

Red and Buck are still as stubborn as ever, and have a tendency to get into the occasional scrap (more Buck than Red). We have some wild cats living out back that I have been feeding occasionally to keep the rodent population down. When I was going out back to do something Buck went gallantly charging into the valley of death, contrary to my orders to stay put. I heard when he caught the cat... BARK BARK BARK YELP!...bark bark. He was more inclined to listen when I said go get in the yard.

Yesterday I was using the weedeater, and once again Buck decided it was time to do battle. I didn't even know he was nearby, as I was still in the starting mode and switching between half and full choke. He lit into the head of the weedeater, for about half a second. It put a few welts on his nose, and one small cut. I felt so bad for him, but being a teacher I felt it was a good education. He still barks at it, but at a slight distance. Red has become the gentle dog, and only barks at the occasional grackle, or anyone who passes by outside. Buck being the mindless tailchaser that he is, barks at his reflection in the sliding glass door.

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