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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Disneyland Dreamin'

We had a fantastic visit to Disneyland this year! It was a little later and a lot hotter, but it was quality time none the less. We are home finally! Since I left to go to St Louis on the 10th of June, I have only spent about 5 days at home, and here it is the 19th of July. The rest of the time has been spent in either motels or on the Disney Wonder. I am happy to sleep in my own bed, but who is going to make it tomorrow?

One of my favorite rides steaming into Tomorrowland Station on a round trip tour of the "Magic Kingdom."

Aboard the Columbia. Disneyland's Sailing ship that does laps around the "Rivers of America" at Disneyland.

Lining up to blast up the ramp on California Screamin, the Awesome roller coaster at California Adventure
(right before I quickly took off the hat so that the coaster would not do it for me).

Poor guys... It must be 200 degrees in those latex suits. I am melting as I take the pic. I am standing at an ice cream vendor.

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