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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fishing at Lake Panasoffkee part 2

Okay, this time I was legal. We kept the fish we caught!

Wendell and I took the boat we had on the Gulf yesterday to Lake Pan. It is a nice sized party boat, a 30 footer with a kitchenette and a closet built for a toilet (bucket with a seat). We did pretty good. We caught a number of catfish, brim, and something Wendell called a mudfish. 21 fish in all. We used hotdogs and shiners for bait, but the most important thing was talking to the fish. Wendell said I needed to do it to catch the fish, I laughed, but when I humored him and tried it within a second (honestly) I had a bite. I was out talking to the fish after that.

We started out moving to a few fish bed around the lake, but Wendell noticed that they had been fished recently so we moved the boat into a creek that feeds into Lake Pan.

Fun fun fun!

Thanks again Wendell

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Dayna said...

that looks like so much fun to be handing out in florida. enjoy!