Si Hoc Legere Scis Nimium Eruditionis Habes

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Google Image Tag

The object is to find all answers to the following questions with Google images.

1. Name - Robert.

2. Favorite Food – Bar-B-cued crab legs from Joe’s Crab Shack (no, I’m not copying you Danneel).

3. First Job - McDonald’s… You deserve a break today! Me too.

4. Nickname –Treb, Actually this is called a TREBuchet, an ancient war machine the French designed to throw large boulders at the English.

5. Where Were You Born? – Ft. Riley Kansas, Home of the 7th Cavalry and the Big Red 1.

6. Bad Habit – I may drive a little too fast at times.

7. College Degree - BS… of course Special Education WNMU.

8. Where I Want To Go - Washington DC

9. Favorite Place – Disney’s California Adventure

10. Favorite Color – Navy Blue like the Caribbean Sea.

11. Favorite Animal – The Dog. The most faithful, unconditional love incarnate.

12. Past Love – Valerie Bertinelli

13. What I am doing right now – Watching Mythbusters and bloggin’.

14. Where I Live - Lordsburg, NM, USA

15. My Favorite Object – CONTROL!!!

16. Grandmother(s) Name – Bonnell and Elsie Dot.

17. What is My Age - 44 Like Dirty Harry's Gun


Danneel said...

Great job on the Google! I guess we can share a love for Joe's Crab shack!

kmcaldwell said...

! My google picture's are not working but i really am on Hanna Caldwell on the 3rd page ! its amazing!