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Monday, September 22, 2008

Visiting Departed Loved Ones

Recently I was in Silver City to go to a wedding and I decided to go by and visit my grandparents. I know it sounds weird since my grandparents passed away in the 90's. I have on occasion spent some time with cleanup and maintenance of their graves. Visiting their graves, I was trying to remember their voices and their laughter. I can still hear them. I hope that never goes away.

About 40 years ago today I went to the Frisco River (San Fransisco River). I cannot remember a better time in my life. It has been almost 40 years ago and I still remember the things we did as if it happened recently. I miss them greatly, the things they used to say, and the things we used to do together. I was thinking about them today as I was mowing the grass, I used to mow their grass for $5.00 a week. I remembered the times camping with them and the good times we had together. I used to spend the night at their house regularly, almost every weekend, almost. When I became a teen I made friends my age and the time I spent with them became limited. That's okay though, It gave my other cousins a chance to have the good memories too.

We lost grandma to cancer in 1993. The hole that she left behind could not be filled for any of us, and most of all for grandad. He died from pneumonia as a complication to his emphysema three lost years later. I think about them often. I remember my grandma Woodard too. She was as close to angelic as any a mortal can get. Her homespun wisdom and love cannot be matched and the hole she left behind was immense. I can hear her in my head at times when I wonder, "what would grandma do"? I never knew my dad's father, he passed the year before I was born. However, I did have the benefit of step-grandparents for several years, who I also miss greatly. I remember talking to Patti about Don, and how he was a dyed in wool democrat and we talked about what he might say about the current political situation we are in. And I loved Helen's wit!

Patti's grandparents passed away in the 90's as well, and she often tells me about them and how she regrets that I never got the chance to meet them. Well... someday.

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